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Suspicion of anemia, for example, frequent accurrencein of general fatigue and other non-specific complaints. In addition to hemoglobin and red blood cells, the mean red blood cell (MCV), hemoglobin (MCH), hemoglobin saturation (MCHC) and red cell size (RDW anisocytosis) are also included in the evaluation of red blood cells.

Determination of the presence of a disease process based on changes in the total leukocyte count and changes in the leechgram, e.g., infection, allergy, tumor process, decrease in immunity, inflammation.

Determination of platelet count is an important test in case of bleeding symptoms. The change in platelet counts with their indices (size of MPV platelets, PDW platelet size distribution) indicate a potential disorder in platelet production or accelerated degradation


The hemogram gives an initial overview of the current state of the patient’s body. The hemogram is a complex study that measures hemoglobin levels in the blood and counts blood cells: leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets. Additionally, red cells and platelets are also calculated. For granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils), lymphocytes and monocytes, as a percentage of absolute amounts, from white cells, 3-part leechrams are presented. The analysis is performed on a venipuncture arm, and a fully automated blood analyzer in our center issues an analysis results protocol within seconds immediately. Reference values are different for both children and adults and are gender-dependent. 

Analüüs tehakse veeniverest ning meie keskuses kasutusel olev täisautomaatne vereanalüsaator väljastab analüüsi vastuse protokolli koheselt. Normväärtused on erinevad nii lastele kui täiskasvanutele ning sõltuvad patsiendi soost. 

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