physiotherapist provides comprehensive assistance in case of various musculoskeletal disorders in order to restore patient’s mobility and physical well-being to live a healthy life. The physiotherapist at our center will put together an appropriate exercise plan for you, she will teach you to do your exercises correctly, use stretching therapy techniques, and if necessary, massage and muscle manipulation techniques. The physiotherapist will help athletes to restore the muscular state to normal, and, before the race, bring the muscles to a position that ensures maximum athletic performance. Timely action will significantly reduce the time of treatment and ensure better treatment results! 

For example one should only approach neurologist with back pain, if there is a sudden arise of back pain radiating to leg with bladder disturbances and / or radiating pain in the leg has weakened the leg. However, primary treatment for back pain is pain relievers (up to 6 weeks) and at the end of an acute phase, in other words with the relief of pain, therapeutic gymnastics/exercises in cooperation with physiotherapist. In case of majority of joint injuries, therapeutic gymnastics  is also necessary  as a primary activity under close monitoring of specialist’s guidance.  

We recommend kinesio taping for the following conditions: 

Overload related disorders

Sports injuries, including after dislocation of the joints, muscle contractions

Neck pain

Chronic unclear/undetermined headache

Shoulder pain

For conditions with varying edema, such as post-operative, and so on

Kinesio taping is a therapeutic taping method based on the natural recovery of the body by predisposing blood and lymph circulation. The goal of kinesio taping is to restore, improve and predispose the physiological movement of the muscles and joints without restricting the mobility. The stripe/tape is made of water-repellent acrylic-treated stretch fabric, which is placed on the body so that it moves along with the skin and thus supports muscle movement and the lymphatic system itself, i.e., the pressure on the pain receptors decreases. 

Kinesio tape contains no medications and does not have any adverse side effects. The treatment result is achieved through the taping technique. Tapes may be used in different colors, but the treatment outcome does not depend on it. The tape stays on the skin for 3-7 days. 

  • Physiotherapy 50 min (primary appointment)

  • Physiotherapy 30 min

  • Kinesio taping (one area)