DERMTEST – medical examination of birthmarks

Dermtest, the medical examination of birthmarks is simple, convenient and reliable. During the examination, a large-scale picture of a birthmark or skin fetus is taken and sent electronically to a dermatologist-oncologist for diagnosis, who, on the basis of the observation of the picture, determines the initial diagnosis and gives instructions for further action. Typically, the pictures of 1-3 birth marks are taken during the examination . This is not a whole-body examination that maps many birthmarks at once.

When and to whom do we recommend the medical examination? 

For a person who notices a pigmented birthmark that has changed in size and shape in comparing with the past (bleeding, itching, grown in size).

If there is a suspicion of external change of the birthmark that has been noticed over time (for example, an asymmetric, birthmark that differs from others)

For people who have used or regularly use a solarium

People who often exposure themselves to the sun (travel to exotic countires with different weather conditions) and receive high UV doses


The examination reveals whether there are features in a birthmark indicating skin cancer, melanoma, or signs of occurrence of above mentioned, and it is accordingly decided whether the birthmark needs to be removed for further laboratory examination, or whether further follow-up monitoring is required. 

If you need regular follow-up monitoring, we’ll send you a reminder when the time for the next examination has arrived. We offer birthmark examination for both adults and children. We will get results within a few days, after which we will let you know about the results and provide suggestions for further actions

  • Dermtest / photography and analysing of skin (first naevus)

  • Dermtest2 / (every next naevus)


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