To whom?

Persons suspected of middle ear infection and/or assessing of healing state of disease after the treatment.


Audiometry or hearing test allows you to investigate the internal and middle ear response to sound irritation. During the test, the device generates a certain tone that spreads along the humerus’s to inner ear, then into the hearing center of the Medulla oblongata and then returns to the middle ear. This study allows you to more accurately evaluate the hearing function. 


Tympanometry is a complementary/additional study of the diagnosis of ear disorders. To do this, a device, a tympanometer registers the mobility of the eardrum, the pressure in the middle ear, the pressure gradient and the capacity of ear canal, and the result is displayed graphically as a tympanogram. This is the only study that allows to objectively diagnose the so-called glue ear or exudative otitis media in medical language. Following a treatment, a tympanogram can be used to assess the healing state of the disease. 

  • Audiometry

  • Tympanometry


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