The examination reveals whether there are features in a birthmark indicating skin cancer, melanoma, or signs of occurrence.

physiotherapist provides comprehensive assistance in case of various musculoskeletal disorders in order to restore patient’s mobility and physical well-being to live a healthy life.

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Offshore medical examination (OGUK)

The assessment of an individuals fitness to travel and work offshore involves making an assessment of the risk which may be posed either to themselves or to others by any underlying medical condition(s) which they may have.

Seafarer’s health check

In accordance with the Law on Maritime Safety, all persons working at sea as well as students of a maritime educational institutions and persons applying for the job of maritime contract prior to the conclusion of a maritime employment contract,

Certificate of Fitness

The implementation of in-water training exercises with compressed-air emergency breathing apparatus (EBS) for survival course trainees also requires the implementation of a medical assessment of trainees’ medical fitness to participate in such training

Health certificate for students/employment abroad

If you plan to go to study or work abroad, you may be required to obtain a medical certificate to confirm that you are in good health and have no contraindications for working.

Health certificate for communicable/infectious diseases

The purpose of the health check is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to clients.

Health certificate for security personnel

Based on the health requirements of the job assignment, security personnel are divided into five groups. We perform a health check for the security staff of all groups.

Driver’s health certificate

We perform a health check according to the Regulation for drivers of all categories of vehicles.

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