During the process of carrying out the health check for security personnel, it is important that the required capacity of health examinations based on risk analysis is always met. 

Based on the health requirements of the job assignment, security personnel are divided into five groups. We perform a health check for the security staff of all groups. 

  • Group I – a security guard who carries out personal protection (including direct personal protection or mobile personal protection), provides a security service of high risk criteria or money and securities transport/handling. 
  • Group II – a security guard who guarantees public order at an event or guarded object, protects movable or immovable property or manages surveillance, patrols by foot or motor vehicle, controls access permits of persons and carries out object surveillance indoors, but does not carry out other Group I tasks. 
  • Group III – a security guard who supervises and protects the guarded object with assistance of technical means, carries out technical supervision of the guarded object by remote monitoring, maintains communication at the guard or control center, monitors the object from the distance using  the display and directs or arranges security work by means of communication and does not perform Group I or Group II duties. 
  • Group IV a security manager and a security guard who does not directly take part in the work listed under Group I and Group II for the organization or management of security works, except for the use of a motor vehicle for the ride on the scene. 
  • Group V a security guard who provides security consulting as a security service. 

Security personnel will go through examinations of vision control, audiometric examination of hearing, medical examination (lung and heart auscultation, measurement of blood pressure, assessment of musculoskeletal status and physical fitness), and upon the completion of medical examinations to assess compliance with health requirements we will issue a standard medical certificate . 

Dr. Anatoli Semjonov is responsible for the health checks of security personnel in our medical center. 

  • Health certificate for security personnel (Group II-V)

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