We welcome women of all ages to make an appointment for any of the following reasons:

Monitoring of pregnancy (counseling of pregnant women, analyses according to a specific guide and referral to pregnancy related examinations etc., early ultrasound for pregnancy detection).

Pap test (also known as Pap smear) analysis: screenings (by birth year) and if the last Pap test was more than 3 years ago.

Mild complaints about the reproductive system: initial consultation, referral to a gynecologist if needed.

Complaints about flow (unpleasant odor, itching, soreness).

Various breast problems (pain, nipple discharge, lump in the breast).

Contraceptive counseling and prescription.

Problems with breastfeeding.

Our midwife will see patients in both Estonian and English, and in Russian if needed.

The reception is open on Wednesdays from 10AM to 3PM.

For patients registered with our family health center, the appointments are covered by health insurance.

You can make appointments by calling +372 640 5030