Since 01.11.2020 desired prescription drugs will be confirmed within two working days. Please make sure you have enough medicine before it is time to extend your prescriptions. If you have a repeat prescription, please let us know in advance about the expiration of prescriptions (medicine) so that there is no break in treatment due to a lack of a new prescription

A digital prescription is a convenient way to update prescriptions – there is no need to come to the family health center to pick up a paper copy of the prescription, you can get the medicine from any pharmacy on the basis of an ID-card. If you send another person to pick up your medicine, they will need to provide the ID-card and the personal identification code of the person to whom the medicine has been prescribed. The doctor also has the right to impose restrictions on who can take out the prescription, for example, in case of narcotic medicines, there is a possibility that only the patient or an authorized person has the right to purchase it.

Although it is easy to renew your medicine with a digital prescription, patients with chronic illnesses (e.g. hypertension, diabetes) still need regular medical check-ups, i.e. at least once a year, with the family physician or nurse.