The purpose of the health check is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to clients. Health certificate for medical examination of infectious diseases (also as people refer to it: catering certificate) is required for the following workers:

  • Workers handling food and drinking water and workers who have physical contact with food and drinking water or the handling equipment of above mentioned, as well as personnel executing the cleaning services in the facilities of the food and drinking water handling; 
  • Keepers of animals and persons who, as a result of their duties, are in direct contact with farm animals and products of farm animal origin, with the exception of keepers of farm animals for the purpose of obtaining animal products for their own consumption; 
  • Teachers and staff of the child care institutions and other workers in direct contact with children and adolescents/youngsters/teenagers due to work responsibilities; 
  • Welfare staff directly providing services to the persons in need;
  • Health care professionals and other health care workers directly in contact with the patient;
  • Staff providing beauty and personal services in direct contact with the client; 
  • Pupils, students and employees participating in practical training or refresher training of the activities listed in clauses 1 -6 of this subsection

As a rule, the client will cover the expenses for the primary health certificate. During the health check, the Bacterial test (the so-called stick sample) is usually taken and, if necessary, the client would be sent to the X-ray examination.

  • Health certificate

  • X-ray (if necessary)


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