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We perform a health check according to the Regulation for drivers of all categories of vehicles: 

  • Group I includes drivers of motor vehicles of categories A, AM, B and BE and their subcategories, with the exception of category B taxis, and category A and B emergency vehicle drivers and T category drivers of non-road vehicle and tractor drivers; [RT I, 16.06.2015, 7 – entered into force. June 19, 2015] 


  • Group II includes drivers of category C, CE, D and DE and their subcategories, category B taxi drivers and category A, B and C emergency vehicle drivers and applicants for driving licenses of motor vehicles as well as driving instructors

When applying for a driver’s health certificate, the person must have the following with him or her: an identity document (passport or ID card), driving license, if issuedassisting means of aid used during driving (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.). In case, where a person has been suspended of the right to drive the vehicle as a result of a written decision of the police, a person must also present a written decision of the police to the health check executer during the appointment. 

If possible, we ask you to fill in a Digital Health Declaration in a patient portal and digitally sign it. You can fill out the declaration here https://www.digilugu.ee 

The declaration can also be completed at the health center on paper. 

When arriving to complete the health check we ask you not to eat at least 3 hours prior to your appointment. Do not wear contact lenses. 

  • Driver's health certificate (Group I)

    from 40€

You can make appointments by calling +372 640 5030