We perform a health check according to the Regulation for drivers of all categories of vehicles: 

  • Group I includes drivers of motor vehicles of categories A, AM, B and BE and their subcategories, with the exception of category B taxis, and category A and B emergency vehicle drivers and T category drivers of non-road vehicle and tractor drivers; [RT I, 16.06.2015, 7 – entered into force. June 19, 2015] 


  • Group II includes drivers of category C, CE, D and DE and their subcategories, category B taxi drivers and category A, B and C emergency vehicle drivers and applicants for driving licenses of motor vehicles as well as driving instructors

When applying for a driver’s health certificate, the person must have the following with him or her: an identity document (passport or ID card), driving license, if issuedassisting means of aid used during driving (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, prostheses, etc.). In case, where a person has been suspended of the right to drive the vehicle as a result of a written decision of the police, a person must also present a written decision of the police to the health check executer during the appointment. 

If possible, we ask you to fill in a Digital Health Declaration in a patient portal and digitally sign it. You can fill out the declaration here 

The declaration can also be completed at the health center on paper. 

When arriving to complete the health check we ask you not to eat at least 3 hours prior to your appointment. Do not wear contact lenses. 

  • Drivers medical certificate (I and II group) – includes some physical and blood testing

  • Drivers medical certificate (I group) – includes some physical and blood testing


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