24- hour monitoring of the blood pressure allows to detect a hidden (initiating) blood pressure disease, to specify the severity of blood pressure disease, to determine the treatment and to check its effectivity

When and to whom do we recommend this monitoring? 

Persons who have had elevated blood pressure values/indicators during the medical examination, and it is necessary to specify whether or not these are values/indicators of blood pressure that already require medical treatment;

Evaluation of the effectiveness of anti-hypertensive therapy - is it necessary to change the treatment in other direction.

Description of the Service

 blood pressure cuffthat is connected to a smaller type of blood pressure device / registration device (attached to your left side under clothing) is placed on your upper arm. After placing of the device, you can return to your daily routine. During the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring your blood pressure values ​​are measured within 24 hours, i.e., the device will be removed during the next day at about the same time the device was placed on you.

During the daytime, the device measures blood pressure usually every half hour, at nighttime every hour. During the measurement process, try not to move your arm, rather hold your arm loose. The arm may be bent from elbow or straight. It is forbidden to take a shower, go to swimming or sauna with the device on you! 

You will find out the result of the study within 24 hours, i.e. immediately during the device removal procedure, where the recorded blood pressure values ​​are processed on computer and a conclusion of the monitoring is issued. 

  • 24- hour monitoring of the blood pressure


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