In accordance with the Law on Maritime Safety, all persons working at sea as well as students of a maritime educational institutions and persons applying for the job of maritime contract prior to the conclusion of a maritime employment contract, or in case of changing of the jobs must periodically go through Crew Member health check or in other words Seafarer’s health check. 

The thorough medical examination will determine the health status of the studiers or members of the crew and the suitability of the seafarers to work on the ship. During the health check, we will try to detect as early as possible any health problems that may  impede the performance of work at the sea, and if necessary, we will begin treatment and provide  health advice  can be done by the person for the benefit of his or her own health. 

Periodic medical examinations of Crew Members and students studying at maritime educational institutions providing professional education can only be carried out by doctors recognized by the Health Board for conducting medical examinations. Some shipping/maritime companies, such as cruise ships, require medical certificates on their own form – in that case we recommend taking the blank forms available as Crew Members and/or other employees come in for health check. 

Dr Karin Pärnpuu has a license to carry out seafarers’ health checks at the Mymed Health Center. 

  • Seaman health check certificate for Europe

    excl. Norway and Holland

  • Certificates for working on Cruise ships

    Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Costa etc

    130€ (+analyses if required)

You can make appointments by calling +372 640 5030