We ask all our patients to complete a feedback questionnaire, if possible. It can be found here

Although we do our best every day to help our patients, sometimes the patient’s opinion may differ from ours. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we could improve our family health center (or our website), please let us know by writing to us. You can send the email to, putting FEEDBACK as the subject line.

When a problem arises, it is always better to try to resolve it by talking it through or to file a written complaint. Practice shows that the majority of complaints are related to communication problems, most often there has been some kind of a misunderstanding. It is best to solve such problems by talking to the head of the health center, Dr. Pärnpuu. However, if your complaints are hard to put into words or you do not wish to do it face-to-face, a written complaint is also an option. Please submit your written complaint in a clear and understandable way, adding your name and contact information. We will send you a written response within 10 working days.

Estonian Health Insurance Fund phone number +372 6033630

The Health Care Board phone number +372 6509840

Estonian Patients Advocacy Association phone number +372 6566429